NEWS RELEASE: Announcing New Book “The Believer.” (November 20, 2015)

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KS95 Kid Zac Bartz is honored in a new book

A MESSAGE FROM SHANNON HOLLY: "This book is about our little buddy and KS95 Kid Zac Bartz. His parents just finished it and it’s available now on Amazon. I was honored to write the forward for the book. Can you let your friends know so we can support the Bartz family? Zac’s story would be a great Christmas gift to keep people grateful and inspired. The family is asking people to leave a review on Amazon so it will rise in the ranks. Pass it on! Thank you!

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"When Zac was fighting his courageous battle with cancer, his family quickly learned that laughter was indeed the best medicine for Zac.  It just made him forget about everything happening in his world.  As it turns out, the Bartz family had an acquaintance that had connections in Hollywood.  When this person found out that Zac adored comedian Kevin James he began working tirelessly to arrange a meeting.  They finally agreed on a date, but before that day came, Zac took a turn for the worse.  Zac did receive a phone call from James a week prior to his passing.  A bond was formed instantly and James has kept in constant contact with the Bartz family ever since.  James even flew the family to Las Vegas where he was filming Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.  While there, the director and producer told the family that James insisted on wearing his Zac Pack t-shirt in a few movie scenes.


A few weeks ago, Emily got to sit down with Kevin James in Miami before screening his new movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.  She brought along with her, a very special message for Kevin. Kevin James had a huge effect on Zac Bartz, who was suffering from a rare brain tumor.  Even through his battles, Zac chose to laugh instead of cry.  There was no one who made Zac laugh harder than Kevin James.  A family friend reached out to Kevin’s manager and told him about Zak’s story.  Kevin invited the family to Las Vegas to meet him but Zac was too sick to go.  Kevin didn’t stop there, he called Zac instead.

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This makes me love Kevin James even more! According to a KARE 11 story, Kevin James was a favorite of Zac Bartz.  Zac, of Chisago City, was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and lost his battle in November of 2013. While spending time in the hospital, Zac became enamored with Kevin’s movies and television shows.  It was his wish to meet Kevin.  While that did not happen, he did get a phone call from him.  An hour after the call, Zac passed away. Kevin has been keeping up with Zac’s family and he’s honored Zac’s memory in an awesome way with his new movie that opens this weekend, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Check out the video to find out how.

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