About Zac


Zachary Bartz was an amazing child who fought an incredible battle with a serious childhood illness. Even during his last days he never complained. In his 11 years on this earth, Zac refused to let the tumors, treatments or complications stop him from doing his work. He changed many lives with his faith and kindness. Zac’s decade long battle and search for a cure.

Zac was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF1) when he was 19 months old. He underwent years of treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Unfortunately his tumors recurred and became malignant. He lost his battle November 20, 2013 but right to the end he never wavered in his faith or positive spirit.

  • Zachary was the most amazing boy you would ever meet.  
  • He was kind, gentle, positive, faithful, and loving.  
  • He always had an infectious smile on his face.  
  • He greeted everyone as if they were the most important person.  
  • Zac never complained through all the years he fought this disease.  
  • He never said, “I can’t”. 
  • He was the true definition of what it means to be brave.  
  • He lived his life with dignity and grace and inspired others to do the same. 

He will be greatly missed by so many people.  In his legacy we continue to raise money for cancer research through the Zachary Neurofibromatosis Research Fund so that hopefully, others may benefit.